About Us

Erica (Cale) Maldonado - CEO & Founder 

Erica Cale was 15 years old when she founded Helping Hearts Helping Hands in 2007.  She has always had a passion for helping others.  She graduated from High School in November 2008 and graduated from online college in December 2011.  On April 10, 2007 she realized her calling in life was to be a missionary and live her life helping others.  April 10th was her first day in Honduras and she knew it was meant to be.  Her passion, her goal, her dream in life is mission work.  "Let's make a difference together, every prayer and every person can help!".
Since founding Helping Hearts Helping Hands, Erica, along with support from family, friends and volunteers, now runs many different mission projects in Honduras.  Ongoing mission projects are: Girls' Foster Care Home, Child Sponsorship Program, Water Filter Program, Project Backpack, Meals for Hospital Patients and Orphans, and Community Outreach Programs for those in need.  Erica leads mission teams in Honduras 1-2 times per year.

Nancy Cale - President

Nancy Cale is the mother of Erica Cale and also has three other children.  She is an Occupational Therapist and is serving as the president on the board for Helping Hearts Helping Hands.  She has been on this mission journey with Erica from day one.  Nancy also realized in April of 2007 that she too wants to make a difference.


Juan Maldonado - Honduran President 

Juan Maldonado became an important member of this organization in early 2009, when he started serving as our Honduran representative, assisting us with delivering food to needy children, working with Honduran attorneys on mission paperwork, and more.  He is a business owner and has completely taken on this mission as a major part of his life, volunteering his time to help those in need, while also spending much time with legal documents for this mission.

Sponsorship Coordinator:

Shelley Schafer

Water Filter Program Coordinator:

Bob Hoff

Helping Hearts Helping Hands Important Adult Members:

Nancy Cale, Erica (Cale) Maldonado, Jeff Cale, Sean Cale, Jill Cascone-Wisser, Jessica Green,

Siobhan Heuninck, Tim Hoerner, Illene Kauffman, Dave Kauffman, Juan Maldonado,

Elspeth Mitchell, Nevin Mitchell, Anne Pytel, Terry Rusnell, Denise Rusnell,

David Sakstrup, Shelley Schafer, Jim Sebring, Sandy Turner and Chris Turner


Important Adult Members in Honduras: 

Kelin Velazquez, Dr. Juan Paz, Mariel Sevilla and Dania Beatriz Reyes