Sponsor Antony Josue

Name                           Antony Josue Meza Perez
Date of Birth            July 7, 2010
State, Country         Francisco Morazan, Honduras

Antony Josue lives with his parents and older sister, Sindy.  He is currently in 1st grade and he likes to play soccer with his friends.  His mom stays at home to care for her children and his dad works hard maintaining his boss’ property.  Even though his dad is a very hard worker, he doesn’t make enough money to provide for his family of four.  Antony Josue typically eats rice and beans, but his favorite food is chicken.

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Antony Josue would like to say the following to his future sponsors:

“Can you please help me, my family or my sister, Sindy?”

Antony Josue needs your help!


Information about your child’s country:

Honduras is the poorest country in Latin America! Eighty-seven percent of the people are peasants.  The people of Honduras have Indian and Spanish ancestry.  The capital of Honduras is Tegucigalpa. The three largest cities are Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, and La Ceiba.  Helping Hearts Helping Hands is based in Tegucigalpa.

Honduras is located next to El Salvador and in between Guatemala and Nicaragua.  Honduras is divided by two mountain ranges and is lined on both coasts with tropical low lands.  Temperatures vary depending on location, but it is a very warm climate country.

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