Host a Fundraiser

Many Helping Hearts Helping Hands Supporters often ask how they can help...whether it be individually, with a church group, cub scouts, boy scouts, girl scouts, brownies, school groups, as a family, with friends, with neighbors, or many other groups...there are numerous fundraising options for YOU to help us raise money!

So you be can I persontally hold a fundraiser for Helping Hearts Helping Hands...below are some great ideas of how supporters have helped us raise money...from around town in Clarkston, Michigan to other states within the USA to Honduras...and even across the globe in Taiwan and France!

Some of our young supporters like to have birthday parties and ask for cash donations for Helping Hearts Helping Hands, instead of expecting birthday presents.  This is a fun, easy way to raise money and awareness for our mission and orphanage in Honduras.  Remember, all donations given by your friends or family at your birthday party, are tax-deductible.  Please contact us if you would like donation receipts for your party guests who make a contribution.

Many kids or teens enjoy holding Car Wash Fundraisers and they ask for a donation from every customer at the car wash.  They make signs to put up or hold up around town and find a local location that is willing to donate the use of their parking lot and hose hook-up.  Many companies, churches or businesses that have open parking spaces on the weekends are very flexible and are happy to donate the use of their property.  We recommend asking customers for a donation and not putting a specific car wash fee, this allows customers to make a donation they are comfortable with!

Helping Hearts Helping Hands is honored to be the reason for this annual fundraiser in Taiwan.  Friends across the globe are bringing together their family and friends to raise money for our mission.  You can do fundraisers like this from any place in the world.  Another supporter of Helping Hearts Helping Hands holds an annual party at their home to raise money for non-profits.  The past few years they have chosen Helping Hearts Helping Hands to be the organization of choice and we were so thankful to be a part of this awesome event as well.  Similar to the event in Taiwan, this was a house party in Clarkston, Michigan that recommended everyone arrive with an entrance donation of at least $10.  All you have to do is plan a party or event at your home, a friends home, a restaurant, or a location of your choice and recommend that your guests make a donation when entering.  You can either set an entrance donation amount or you can ask friends and family to donate whatever they are comfortable with.  This is a fun, easy and creative way to raise money too!

Bake Sales are always a great way to raise money!  All you have to do is find a local grocery store or location of your choice, that is willing to allow you to setup a table and sell baked goods.  You can either ask friends and family to donate already baked goods or you can buy the supplies and bake them yourself!  We recommend setting a price for each baked good plate or bag, this way you are at least covering the cost of the fundraiser.  Holding Bake Sale fundraisers during holidays is great because people are more interested in buying themed cookies.  Pictured above are cookies we bake every year and sell at Krogers on Sashabaw Road in Clarkston for Valentine's Day fundraisers.