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Children on our Child Sponsorship Waiting List

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Luis Alexander
DOB: September 30, 2001

Antony Josue
DOB: July 7, 2010

Many more children to be posted soon....

Sponsor a Child for $30 per month

As a child sponsor, you will have a specific child that you help to support every month, allowing you the ability to build a strong, personal relationship with your child.  Your sponsorship will help to provide your child with food.  Large packages of food are delivered to your child every month and will last them until our next food delivery the following month.  In addition to food, our mission and your sponsorship help to provide our sponsored children with fresh drinking water, vitamins, clothes, shoes, school supplies, and other needed items. You will be able to personally communicate with your child through letters, pictures and small care packages of up to 1 pound.

Please note that EVERY child that is a part of our Child Sponsorship Program comes from extreme poverty and we only accept those most in need.  

Each child in our sponsorship program has specific needs that their family or guardians cannot provide to them without other help.  The children in our Child Sponsorship Program often go days or weeks without food or fresh drinking water, which is why a sponsorship is so important and life changing to these children.  YOU can be the one to change a child's life, not only through financial support, but through prayer, letters, pictures and by letting your child know that you care for them and are a part of their life.  The encouragement and confidence that is gained through the help and support of sponsors cannot be explained in words, as each child in our program benefits tremendously from having sponsors.  Children gain a new respect for their studies, they learn to trust in God and follow His word, and most importantly these children live a life that is only possible through the help of your sponsorship.

Many ask how long children stay in our sponsorship program and the answer can be one of the following:

  1. We do not take a child out of program just because they turn 18, instead we leave it up to the sponsors to decide if they would like to continue to sponsor their child after the age of 18, depending on the child's needs and the sponsors wishes.
  2. If for some reason we see a positive change in a child's financial situation, we will be sure to inform their sponsor of this change, in order for the sponsor to decide if they would like to continue to support their child or begin supporting a new child in need.
  3. If for some reason a sponsor is no longer able to continue supporting/helping their child, we ask that they please inform us immediately, so that we can find a new sponsor for their child.  If for some reason a new sponsor is not immediately found, our mission takes responsibility for the child and makes sure that the child continues to receive support and food until a new sponsor is available.